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Thank you for all your recent info, I cannot get to the meetings but I enjoy reading all about it. 

Thank you for all your hard work and info about everything it is much appreciated.

Forum Member via email 30/4/2018

Thank you ever so much for the Carers Newsletter, you've been very busy!

Forum Member via mail 27/02/2018

Great meeting in April. I followed the speakers advice and have got 60% discount on my water bill and a refund to boot. Shows it works coming to meetings and being a Forum member.

Forum Member at meeting 06/05/2018

I liked the variety of cars and the timeline of cars. I had a great day out.

Young Carer and Forum Member on visit to British Motor Museum 18/02/19

Had a really nice time. These outings are just what we need, to get out more and socialize.

Feedback for visit to British Motor Museum 18/02/19

Enjoyed the sketching class and saw an immediate improvement.

Active Carers activity day 14/03/19

Very grateful for all your work to run the trips and activities.

Comment at Active Carers 14/03/19

Thank you very much for a lovely day. The staff gave us a tour showing us cars of interest. The people on the coach were kind and friendly to us. Hope to go away with you again in the near future.

Feedback for visit to British Motor Museum

You're doing a grand job and working really hard.

Forum Member via email 27/05/19

The trip was really good. Also thanks for info, lots organised. See you soon xx

Forum Member Day Trip to Chester 29/05/19

We have enjoyed our day a lot. Without family transport we are limited to going out. Well organised even down to being offered cold water on a hot day. Access for disabled is brilliant.

On Day trip to Weston Super Mare 27/07/19

A nice break to the routine of being a carer. A chance to meet with old friends and new. The support of Dudley Carers Forum has made today possible.

Day Trip to Weston 27/07/19

Lovely day out, nice to have family time. Much needed.

Day Trip to Weston Super Mare 27/07/19

Enjoyed going out because we don't drive and can't get out as much as we would like to. Today has been fantastic.

Day Trip to Weston Super Mare 27/07/19

Great day out by the sea to relax. Improves my quality of life to get away for the day.

Day trip to Weston Super Mare 27/07/19

Thank you so much for organising the trip to Bourton on the Water on Tuesday.  Had a really enjoyable day

Forum Member via email after visit to Bourton on the Water

Fabulous evening, Thank you.

Thanks to everyone who organised this truly great event, we had a blast.

Nice to have a bit of company, it was a really good night.

Congratulations on a successful relaunch. Great entertainment, good food and meeting new friends. Lovely! Thank you for all your hard work.

Lovely to see such a great celebration of the wonderful work that carers do in Dudley. A big thank you.

Thank you for all your hard work over the years that has helped so many people along the way. I wish you all the best for your future endeavours.

Thanks for the night.

It was an amazing night, thank you for organising it.

Was a wonderful evening. The entertainment was fab. It was a lovely spread. It was great to see so many people there.

What a great night out. My son and myself really enjoyed it. Thank you.

Very enjoyable evening. Jane told a few jokes and the singer funny. Good music. Excellent venue. Running buffet: good selection, clean & well presented.

Very pleasant evening, nice meeting up with old friends. The food was very enjoyable, and very plentiful and varied. Singer was also very good.

The Gala evening was a wonderful  evening delicious food and a grand singer. We danced nearly all night.

Gala Night from various attendees 22/2/2020

Black and White Star in Circle

As the Covid-19 crisis continues we were limited to how we could celebrate. We delivered 60 Cream Teas to members on Wednesday 10th June to mark Carers Week 2020.

The following is feedback received

‘Just a quick message of thanks for the wonderful cream tea delivered by Lee today..
It was really nice, and great to have a nice face to face chat, 2meter socially distancing of course..
Again a big thank you to all volunteers concerned from the Carers Forum..
Good luck and Keep up the good work you’re doing..
Kindest regards’

‘Thank you so much’

‘That not just Cream Cakes....more of a three/four cause tea. Bless you Jane/Martin for bringing them to us. Absolutely Bostin!’

‘Thank you for our delivery today special thank to Jane for ur hard work’

‘Thank you for ours too & thank you for all your hard work’

‘Thank you for ours can't wait to eat it later ‘

‘Sounds yummy xx’

‘Just want to say a huge thank you to jane for the afternoon tea and to the team of carers out delivering them.
Happy carers week to everyone xxxx’

‘Thank you Jane and martin will be having our cream tea for lunch at 1pm…..Lovely afternoon tea from the Dudley’s carer we all enjoyed tucking in to the lovely food.’

‘Thanks very much. I’m sure to enjoy it & hope you have a good day & keep well & safe xx’

‘The cream tea was lovely. It cheered me up at a difficult time. I appreciate everything you do with the group, and hope we can meet up in the not too distant future. Thank you’

Thank you so much for the cream tea, I hope you both enjoyed yours too. You’re doing such a splendid job, don’t wear yourselves out. Take care xx’

Social distancing Cream Tea 10/06/2020

many thanks for sending me The Carers Forum correspondence. I hope that you are now fully recovered from the virus.

Forum member by letter 7th Sept 2020

Wow thank you. Well enjoyed. Grateful thank you again.
Thank you save me cooking for once.
Lovely seeing you. Thank you for the lovely fish and chips. They were really bostin we really enjoyed them.
Just want to say a huge thank you for our chippy suppers and dropping them off. Full already.
Thank you for fish and chips they were piping hot and really tasty, thoroughly enjoyed them.
Thank you for last nights supper, very much appreciated.
Very nice, where did you get them from.
I have been wanting fish and chips for so long.
Best I have had for ages. Very nice chips and crispy batter.
A quick thank you for providing supper, enjoyed it enormously.
Fantastic, what a treat. Thank you so much.
Thank you for the meal on Wednesday we thoroughly enjoyed it.
We would like to thank you for the fish and chips. We loved them. Thank you both for all that you do.
Many thanks for bringing fish and chips – they were delicious

Fish and Chips delivered during pandemic March 2021